PastaDAO’s Gitcoin Contribution

What is PASTA?

PASTA was launched during the height of the food farming craze of August 2020. At the time (maybe still today) it wasn’t clear what it took to build a durable token based community; if people felt like punting on imaginary yams and chicken tenders, why not pasta?

What is PastaDAO?

PastaDAO is an experiment in radical legitimacy.

  • Fairness — the project was “fair launched”, and experienced a prolonged period of being essentially valueless. This minimized economic barriers to participation.
  • Free association — use of LP shares for voting power supports members’ ability to freely join or leave the DAO.
  • Consent of the governed — users must lock their LP for at least 3 days to gain voting rights, serving as exit liquidity for others who disagree with their vote choices.
  • Doing right and doing well — we committed to public good donations as our first protocol initiative, even before focusing on revenues or other economic priorities.

Why contribute to Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is the preeminent public goods funding mechanism for the Ethereum and wider crypto ecosystems. This vision has been further enhanced by Gitcoin’s recent push to decentralize governance with the GTC token.

Join Us

We’re always happy to make room at the table for another diner!


**Disclaimer**: This article is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute financial, legal or tax advice.



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